About Amazon


Online shopping is a relatively new phenomenon in the world and has been streamlined by a company called Amazon. One of the most profitable companies in the world, Amazon has taken virtually every product from a variety of vendors and put them in the same location, making it easy for people to find virtually anything at any time. What that means for people is now the world is at their fingertips all with relatively cheap shipping.

Now what that does to brick and mortar companies is less than great, but it is the way that the world has turned. People live in a society that is faster paced than ever, making it more difficult to get out there and make purchases. So what does that mean for us?

Ease of access

It is now easier than ever to find virtually anything you are looking for. Whether it’s curtains or dog food, everything you would ever need is right there on the same website, and if you have Amazon prime, virtually all of it is free to ship. What that does is take away the necessity to have to leave the house or decide where to go.

There is no doubt that Amazon is not perfect, but it has filled a necessity in our fast paced world where people are very focused on what they have to do and do not have time to shop. Say what you want about Amazon, but that have definitely found their niche in today’s society.

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