Amazon and the economy


Amazon is a company that is sort of an aggregate of a number of vendors around the world selling virtually any product you could ever imagine. From US based companies to overseas companies, almost anything you could ever want is collected in the same website and delivered to you at very low shipping costs.

And while this hurts many physical outlets, it does give internet savvy people the ability to find what they are looking for without leaving the home. People’s lives are so busy that they have little to no time to go out to a physical location and find a specific product. Now, all they need to do is login to their Amazon account and do a quick keyword search.

Product reviews

Amazon also allows customers to post product reviews to give people an idea of what to expect from the product. Go ahead, search almost any product that you can think of and there is someone out there that has not only purchased it, but has also had enough information to post a review.

What this does is creates a more informed consumer and allows capitalism to work to the best of its abilities. There are some products that people will not buy based on reviews alone, and others that have a track record for quality that everyone seems to agree on. Of course, when buying products and reading customer reviews, realize that everyone has their own opinion and that some people may be paid to post what the companies see fit.

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