About Us

At Frith Park, we are aimed at bringing people the latest news in shopping and showing them everything that the world of shopping has to offer. For years, we have been part of a collective that has shopped all around the world and shared our experiences with those around us. We thought that it was high time that we share our experiences with the rest of the world rather than just those close to us.

That is what this site is about. A community hub where we can share the latest in trends and show people that there is more to shopping than meets the eye. One of our greatest achievements in the time that we have been together is showing each other how we can impact each others lives and give each other a higher meaning through shared experienes

We hope that by giving people the latest in shopping advice that we will gain a better understanding of our audience and the world around us. That is the beauty of a community, here, we together can give each other something else to look forward to and connect in a way that is far beyond that of shopping.